What FragReady is all about

FragReady ensures an unmatched level of performance by hosting our servers on the highest quality server hardware available. We have high capacity hard drives, ensuring both speed and consistency. We have at least 2x Intel Xeon processors with a combined Processing Power of 5.3GHz dispersed on 8 Cores in every game server node, just to ensure your game server is packed with a punch. FragReady also secures high amounts of RAM per server to allow breathing room, supplying our clients with flexibility and scalability for their game server. We also boost our game servers with our custom Frag-Accelerator Platform, which ultimately reduces and optimizes ping, tickrate and FPS. FragReady is a provider of true Performance Game and Voice Servers.

Unlimited Slot Game Servers

Unlimited Slots. Unlimited Command Line Customization. Unlimited Hard Drive Space. Unlimited Fast Download Usage. Unlimited Sub-Users. Unlimited Fun. Nobody likes being restrained and held back, and that goes for server owners. We know you want the option to change your slots to the max possible, whether you'll fill those slots or not. For a flat rate per month, you have unlimited control over your server, and you can manage this all from your simple and user-friendly control panel. Game Server Slots can be adjusted simply through the command line manager. If you run into problems, have no fear; Our 24/7 support team is dedicated solely to your success We want you to have all the control possible, after all, it is your server.


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